File privacy made easy

Protect files, photos and notes and control who can open them even after sharing.

XPERMIT® - THE file privacy app

Common File Types

Word, Excel, Powerpoint,
PDF, photos and notes

Cross Platform

iOS, Android,
Windows, macOS and Linux

Works with Everything

Email, Zoom, Skype, MS Teams,
Dropbox, WhatsApp and all file storage

Advanced Encryption Standard

Your files remain protected forever
without the need for file passwords


XPERMIT doesn't store
your confidential files

No Additional

No infrastructure, data rooms,
services, training or set-up costs

Simple steps to protect and control your file in XPERMIT®

1. Open file in XPERMIT

2. Select permitted contacts
and XPERMIT your file

3. Share your protected file

4. Control access anytime

With XPERMIT® you can stop worrying about theft, leaks and mistakes

No more worries about theft:
  • cloud or network storage being hacked and your files stolen
  • files being taken by consultants, advisors, contractors or agency staff working on your behalf or rogue employees
No more worries about leaks:
  • files being shared with others without your consent
  • contents of your files being posted on social media
No more worries about mistakes:
  • files or notes being sent to the wrong person
  • laptops left on the train or lost USB drives